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The World Turns As....
(a silly soap opera recap)

December 1987

I wrote the following story in December of 1987, while in college. This is the second of two that were inspired by my roommate's tales from her soaps. She was a big fan of the CBS soaps The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and As the World Turns. I wasn't, and still am not, although I did watch As the World Turns for a while until I couldn't take the plots anymore.

The story below is based on some of the silly plots happening during that time, with a bit of Bobby Ewing thrown in for fun.


You recall that after William’s death his son, David, slept more soundly, knowing that his father wouldn’t be bothering him anymore.

In the morning, as David headed for the bathroom, he heard the sound of a shower running. The water stopped. David waited as the occupant stepped out of the shower. Stunned, his jaw dropped open.

Standing in the bathroom was none other than William, David’s father. He smiled. “Well, David, how did you sleep?”

David bolted for he realized his father’s death had been a dream. This occurred to him when he had seen William step out of the shower.

After running for quite some time he found himself in a cemetery. He spotted a coffin, opened it and, when he discovered it was empty, decided to hide inside. Soon he can feel the coffin being moved and feared he was going to be buried alive. He waited for the sensation of being lowered, but instead he was jostled around quite a bit. From the hum he could hear outside of the casket, he surmised that he was being taken by car somewhere. But where? he wondered. After all he had been at the cemetery when he had climbed in to the coffin.


Meanwhile, Sharon felt lonely so she decided she needed a companion who would actually listen, since no one seemed to care about her. She waited anxiously for her new friend to arrive, pacing in her living room. Suddenly the doorbell rang. She ran to the door, opened it and was pleased at the sight. Two men stood on the front porch with a coffin. She jumped with glee and let the men wheel in the prize. She led the men to the living room and showed them where to leave the casket. Once they positioned it, she tipped them and they left her alone with her new “friend”.

She started talking to it immediately. Much to her joy, it responded to her. Thinking it has magical powers , she made a wish….


David, cooped up In the coffin, decided to entertain this strange woman who seemed to be talking to him. He thought this would be an easy job to just indulge in the woman’s need for conversation. But then she made a wish. He pondered it, weighed his options and – despite feeling stupid – decided to fulfill her request. So he jumped out of the casket, dressed up as a woman and sang Russian songs to her.


Meanwhile this writer has just about had it with soap operas, and has decided to become a devout violent TV show watcher. Blood and gore are much easier to stomach

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