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December 1999

Ha! That got your attention.

Hair is an interesting; subject in fans' minds for some reason. Every female fan of an actor brings up the subject of hair. Long or short, dark or light, straight or curly, personally I have no preference so long as the person looks good. However, it does raise some interesting questions.

Who does decide the “look” for a character on a series?

Usually the producer decides on the overall look he wants for the character and this image compliments or emphasizes the whole style of a TV show or movie. The appearance of the character can accentuate the setting and vice versa. They're all related.

In the case of a TV show the look is not always set in stone. There is the potential of that idea changing during the course of the series, and it can either he brief or long term.

Who decides on the hairstyle for a character?

It depends on the production. Sometimes it's the producer, and sometimes it's the actor with the help of the hair stylist who might try out a few options before everyone agrees on the final look. It is all related to what direction the project is going in, what kind of audience they want to reach, what the genre is, etc. It could also depend on a particular episode as well.

If it takes place in present day, it's possible the producer might not care what hairstyle the actor wears so long as it looks good. So in this case the choice is the actors. On the other hand, the actor may check with the producer before doing anything drastic to his hair. Again it depends on the production and what look they're striving for.

If the producer makes the decision, they will either hire an actor who fits that look or who can adapt to that style. When the show takes place in another era and/or realm, then the producer might look for someone who can fit the style of that time. That would involve the actor changing their appearance to accommodate that look.

Any alteration of the person's image for any kind of project can involve growing or cutting hair: applying a wig or hair extensions; or by changing the hair color.

Who maintains that look consistently during the series run, coloring and cutting the stars' hair as needed?

There is always a hairstylist on the set. They'll do everything from cutting to coloring the hair to styling it, affixing wigs, hair extensions, etc., all dependent upon what is needed for a particular shoot.

So basically the look begins with the producer. After that the appearance of the character may he determined by what the actor looks like and/or what the producer expects from them. Sometimes audience feedback can affect the decision as well. Then it's up to the hairstylist to maintain that look during the production.

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