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About Me:

I discovered the magical world of filmmaking when I was seven years-old. My parents took us on a trip to Universal Studios in Los Angeles.
One of the attractions was the Adam-12 show (long since replaced with another ride or performance), which gave the audience a behind-the-scenes
look at how an episode is made. I loved it. Ever since then I have always been fascinated by film production.

My interests in the field vary from acting to voice work to camera crew to editing. I love it all and have dabbled in each one.

I studied English with a concentration on communications and drama. After I graduated from college I worked at CBS for 2 years,
then got jobs on the crew of The Stoned Age, Leprechaun 2, Casa Hollywood and Boulevard Cafe

I also love writing and photography.


You can reach me here. You can also contact me via Twitter

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