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The Stoned Age:
Behind the Scenes

My Job: Craft Service - My first job in film. I ran the refreshment table and provided coffee and snacks for over 50 cast and crew members.

Filmed: 4 weeks in February 1993.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Starring: Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez, Mike Kopelow, Brad Tatum, Kevin Kilner, China Kantner, Renee Ammann, David Groh, Frankie Avalon, Jake Busey.

Writers: James Melkonian and Rich Wilkes

Director: James Melkonian

Producer: Moritz/Heyman Productions

Summary: Two "dudes" cruise LA for some chicks.

Type: Comedy.

Most of the film took place during one night, though the first few weeks were day shoots. We filmed some of the interior shots of the "chick's" house during those first weeks. The windows of the house were covered and the house draped in black tarp to simulate nighttime. By the end of the shoot we had reverted to night filming (5pm to 5am), which allowed us to remove the covering to film the remainder of the interior shots as well as the exterior of the house.

Frankie Avalon is very down to earth, warm and friendly. The advantage of me doing craft service is having the opportunity to chat with people. He and his wife were wonderful.

The first draft of the script had called for William Shatner to be in it instead of Frankie Avalon. I have no idea what caused the change.

The initial title of the movie was "Tack's Chicks". Then it was "Teenage Wasteland". The original plan was for Joe to be a big fan of The Who, legalities resulted in Blue Oyster Cult to be used instead.

Speaking of which, the two guys selling "fake" Blue Oyster Cult T-shirts at the very end of the credits are members of BOC making a cameo appearance.

During the rock concert scene, members of the audience are none other than members of the crew of the film, including the producers themselves. I was on the stands as well, but I was cut out of the shot. I was a last minute addition, so I was never put in makeup and didn't really fit the grungy look they wanted. I was just filler so that there wouldn't be any gaps at the edge of the "frame" (shot) to make it look like the packed house it was supposed to be like in the real concert footage. In reality, when we had the close-ups of Joe and Hubbs we had a small set of bleachers and about 20 people surrounding them.

There were two "Blue Torpedoes" used in the film. One was a working car, while the other was just the body (no wheels) which was attached to a trailer and pulled by a truck used for close-ups. Camera's would be mounted on the hood for the close-up shots, and the truck would tow the car down the street during filming. The characters wouldn't really be driving in those situations.

For the distant shots of the car driving down the street, as in the opening sequence of the movie, a "Shotmaker" truck would be used. Basically it's a truck that has a crane mounted on it, where the camera is attached. The crane can swivel around and film the car from different angles.

In the chick's house, the door they go through to the bathroom is actually the door to the garage.

The room used as the interior of the bathroom was in fact a den. The shower curtain is covering the windows.

The neighbor's jacuzzi and pool is actually located at the house we used for the chick's house. The only thing they did next door was climb the wall.

Though the most of the film was made in February of 1993, some "pick up" shots had to be done in June of that year, including the robbery of the liquor warehouse and the beach scenes.

The chick's house was not near any beach. It was located in the San Fernando Valley. Same goes for Muldoon's house.

Kevin Kilner is a really funny guy. I had seen him do a guest appearance on Jake and the Fatman prior to meeting him on the set of the movie and I was thrilled. He did a great job on Jake and thought of him as a very funny, talented actor. I had an opportunity to sit with him at lunch once and he had me in stitches the entire time.

Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez (aka Clifton Collins, Jr. who went on to co-star in Capote) is a sweetheart. Months after this movie wrapped I spotted him on the set of Leprechaun 2. He remembered me and gave me a big hug. He's a terrific guy and a great actor.

China and Michael were great too.

Hope you liked the tidbits. If I remember anything else, I'll be sure to update.

Oh, and here's a souvenir. I got Clifton Collins, Jr. (Tack) to sign the can 22 years later.

Hope you enjoyed the information. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

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