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Leprechaun 2:
Behind the Scenes

My Job: Production Assistant (Set PA) - Ran errands, shouted for quiet just as the camera rolled ("Rolling!") and overall gopher.

Filmed: 4 weeks in November 1993.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Starring: Warwick Davis, Charlie Heath, Shevonne Durkin and Sandy Baron.

Writers: Mark Jones, Turi Meyer and Al Septien

Director: Rodman Flender

Producer: Planet Productions

Summary: The evil Leprechaun is on the hunt for a wife.

Type: Comedy.

Trivia: The movie was filmed in Marina Del Ray, and in the San Fernando Valley, including one night in Griffith Park, and another night or two at the Northridge Go Kart track.

One of my tasks was to chauffeur Warwick Davis to and from set. I really enjoyed that part of the day. He usually took a nap in the back seat while his wife and I chatted. We got on very well, and I miss our conversations. They were both very sweet people.

Early on in filming there was no stand-in for Shevonne, so I had to perform the task. One thing I had to do was be dragged across the floor. I don't think the crew people enjoyed doing that. For one thing I am not as slim and lithe as Shevonne. I still liked the experience of being a stand-in and perfectly understood why I was not cut out for a full-time role in the part.

There's a scene where police cars are parked outside of a house. I'm sitting in one of the cars. Since siren lights drain the car battery, we had to shut them off between takes. So someone had to sit in the car and switch them on.

Ron Howard's brother, Clint appeared as a touris in a scene shot in downtown Los Angeles. Playing his wife was character actress Kimmy Robertson. Filming that day was a challenge. We didn't have a permit to block the car and pedestrian traffic, so we not only had to deal with cars stopping in shot, but also crowds standing by and gawking. It didn't help that we were there during the busiest time of the day.

Many of the interior and a couple of exterior shots were filmed on a soundstage.

Among the interiors built there was a men's restroom from the bar scenes. The graffiti on the walls were written by the crew, including myself. One of the things I wrote was, "Smoke some clover, dude!"

The scene where Cody dunks Morty into a sink full of ice water was filmed from underneath a fish tank.

We had to recreate an exterior scene in order to perform some effects. There's a scene where a wino gets grabbed by vines and plants. These were manipulated by a puppetteer and a few willing PAs (ahem). Yes, I was one of the plants that captured that poor old man. Which one? Big hint: look for the one that malfunctioned. It wasn't intentional, I assure you. I was warned and we rehearsed it a few times, but when it came time to film, things went a bit haywire. But the other plants obeyed so it made up for my one wayward one.

The go-kart office was also recreated on set, so that we could film the scene where Cody falls through the ceiling.

Okay, so I said I wasn't as in shape as Shevonne, but I really wasn't that bad... until I was asked to test out the exploding belly that Sandy Baron had to wear in the scene where the pot of gold winds up in his stomach. The special effects guys asked me to test the belly.

Now, that was the before belly. Here's a photo of Sandy with the after belly, the one that he wore after the belly "exploded". I was sitting by the craft service table when Sandy came by to get something to eat. He grabbed a bagel and I joked to him that he should bypass his mouth altogether and stick it directly into his stomach. He jokingly did.

The leprechaun's lair was also filmed on the soundstage. The cave that led to the lair was cleverly lit from the outside to make it look especially gloomy.

I helped film inside the cave, carrying the camera cable as the crew followed Cody as he ventured into the cave. The photo below was taken before they unleashed the roaches. I met with the roach wrangler. She was very nice. I never knew roaches had trainers. Do they have agents too?

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