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My job: Loader - Assisted in the camera department, loading film and marking shots.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Summary: Similar plot as La Cage Au Folles and The Birdcage. Only the young lead has no idea his mother was once his father.

We shot in a nightclub from late at night through the next afternoon (after business hours for a nightclub). Extras consisted mainly of cross-dressers

This movie struggled through lack of funds. When I worked on it, they had managed to get enough money for a two day shoot during a weekend in January 1994. I worked one of those days.

The film was directed by a Dartmouth College professor and it was produced by his former student.

They finally finished filming in September of 1994. I heard it was completed later that year, but it doesn't seem to have been officially released anywhere. Someone has posted it on YouTube, however.


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