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My Job: Camera Assistant - Assisted the Director of Photography, assembling camera, carrying equipment, pulling focus, marking shots....

Location: Long Beach Island, NJ

Summary: A day in the life of "Marilyn Monroe" and "James Dean" is the best way to describe this bizarre, 12-minute short film, that bends genders. This one was done in a silent movie/music video format. It's inspired by the pop painting: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

The producer was actor Craig Austin. He also was the Assistant Director (AD).

It was a 2 day shoot that started on a Friday night and ran through Monday morning in May of 1996. Most of the crew were made up of high school students and/or friends of the producer.

The director, Russ Weatherford, was phenomenal. He really drew out the talents of the actors. I was really impressed with his technique. Ditto the Director of Photography (DP), Jeff Weaver. He was really patient with me and was great to work with. I learned a lot from him.

I have not heard if this film has been released.

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